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April 14, 2014 - As HANNOVER MESSE 2014 drew to a close today, exhibitors and organizers were able to look back on another successful event. This year the world s leading industrial tradeshow addressed the key issue of the future of industry by presenting the solutions needed for tomorrow s intelligent factories. HANNOVER MESSE is the only trade fair in the world which covers the entire spectrum, from individual components to fully functional, smart production lines. And this is precisely what industry decision-makers are looking for, commented Dr. Jochen K ckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe. Industry has found the focus of HANNOVER MESSE 2014 to be right on target. The event has clearly reve里氏硬度是根据最新的里氏硬度测试原理利用最早进的微处理器技术设计而成aled the long-term growth potential for exhibiting firms which is taking shape as a result of the push towards Industry 4.0 [U.S.: Advanced Manufacturing] and customers are now ready to make the necessary investments, he concluded.

2014年4月14日消息 随着2014汉诺威工业博览会今天完满结束,参展商和主办方可以回顾一下又一届成功的展会了。 今年,全球领先的工业展会通过展示未来智能工厂所需的解决方案,解决了工业未来的关键问题。汉诺威工业博览会是全球唯一覆盖工业全领域的贸易展览会,从单个部件到减压器功能齐全的智能生产线,而这也恰恰是行业决策者正在寻找的, 汉诺威展览公司董事局成员Jochen K ckler博士评论道。 业内认为2014年汉诺威工业博览会的重点正中目标。很显然,本届展会为参展企业揭示了长期的增长潜力,这也是推动工业4.0 [美国:先进制造]带来的显著成果 而客户现在就可以进行必要的投资, 他总结道。

HANNOVER MESSE 2014 attracted more than 180,000 visitors from more than 100 different nations, matching the strong performance of 2012 the most recent year featuring a comparable lineup of shows under the HANNOVER MESSE umbrella. Another standout feature involved the high percentage of industry professionals and top buyers and decision-makers among attendees. And the show s major international drawing power was evident in the fact that more than one in every four visitors came from abroad, mainly from the European Union (57 percent) as well as from South, East and Central Asia (20 percent). In terms of individual countries of visitor origin, the Netherlands as this year s Partner Country took first place, followed by China in second.

2014汉诺威工业博览会吸引了100多个不同国家的18万余人次, 持平表现强劲的2012年展会 与汉诺威工业博览会旗下最强阵容相媲美的一年。另一个突出的特点是参与的行业专业人士和顶级买家以及决策者的比例很高。而本届展会强大国际号召力的明显证据是,超过四分之一的参观者来自国外,主要来自欧盟(57%)以及来自南亚、东亚和中亚地区(20%)。至于游客来源的单个国家,荷兰作为今年的伙伴国人数最多,其次是中国。

Staged under the keynote theme of Integrated Industry NEXT STEPS, the trade fair focused on intelligent, self-organizing factories and the transformation of energy systems. According to Dr. K ckler: Industry 4.0 will be with us sooner than many people would have thought possible just one short year ago. The exhibitors at this HANNOVER MESSE have demonstrated a clear commitment避免影响检测效果准确性 to negotiating the next steps on the road to the fourth industrial revolution, rapidly and purposefully. A total of over 180,000 visitors came to Hannover to explore the future of industry and invest in the latest factory and energy technology on show by some 5,000 exhibitors. This year s HANNOVER MESSE Partner Country was the Netherlands.

本届展会的主题是 融合的工业 下一步 ,专注于智能、自我组织工厂,以及能源系统的转换。K ckler博士说: 工业4.0将可能比很多人在短短一年前认为的还要来得早。汉诺威工业博览会的参展商表明了一个明确的承诺,就是迅速而有针对性地在实现第四次工业革命的道路上,成功跨越 下一步 。 共有超过18万的观众来到汉诺威,探讨行业未来,并投资于由约5000家参展商展示的最新的工厂和能源技术。今年的汉诺威工业博览会合作伙伴国是荷兰。

Dr. Dietmar Harting, Chairman of the HANNOVER MESSE Exhibitor Committee, was also clearly impressed: HANNOVER MESSE is where digitized, integrated industry is putting down roots, before growing into a mighty tree. This is the starting point for driving industrial advancement in countries around the world. For us exhibitors, Integrated Industry is going to remain a key priority for some time to come.

汉诺威工业博览会参展商委员会主席Dietmar Harting博士,对展会亦印象深刻: 汉诺威工业博览会就彷如数字化、融合的工业在成为参天大树前的落地生根。这是推动世界各国工业进步的一个起点。对于我们参展商而言,融合的工业将仍然是今后一段时间的首要任务。

The many and varied exhibits of Industry 4.0 plant and machinery made the coming industrial revolution a tangible reality for those in attendance. HANNOVER MESSE left no doubt about the rapid progress achieved, even over the course of recent months, said K ckler. Many components which will be of crucial importance for the new industrial manufacturing environment were on display at the tradeshow which also showcased market-ready solutions and products addressing the key challenges of standardization and IT security. A large number of demo installations gave visitors a first-hand view of products moving through the various stages of production without any human interventi都会反馈到聚氨酯产品的生产商on until individual processing at the very end. Data security was another core issue at the fair. Forum debates on process and data security issues attracted several thousand visitors, and industrial businesses will definitely be cooperating more closely with international cybersecurity providers, to prepare factories for the extensive integration that lies ahead, noted K ckler.

工业4.0工厂及机械的多种多样展示,使得未来工业革命对于观众而言,形象而真实。毫无疑问,汉诺威工业博览会取得的进程迅速,甚至在过去的短短几个月中, K ckler说。许多将成为新工业制造环境至关重要的部件在展会得到展示,同样展示的还有市场必备的解决方案,以及主要解决标准化和IT安全挑战的产品。大量的演示装置带给观众第一手的产品印象,从没有任何人为干预的各个阶段生产,到最后的单独处理。数据安全是本届展会的另一个核心问题。 论坛上对过程和数据安全问题的辩论,吸引了数千听众,而工业企业一定会更加紧密地与国际络安全供应商合作,为摆在面前的广泛融合的工厂做准备, K ckler指出。

The focus of attention in the energy halls was on the transformation of energy systems. Future growth in the use of renewable forms of energy, decentralized energy supply systems and intelligent distribution systems were high on the agenda. Exhibitors presented technologies and solutions for the ongoing energy transition, with displays lending firm shape to the energy systems of the future. A stand-out example was a product from SAG GmbH winner of this year s HERMES AWARD for making it possible to progressively convert existing distribution networks into smart grids. Innovative energy storage technologies were another core topic at the fair. These systems are used to store energy that is not immediately required, for use in periods of peak demand. The exhibitors have sh拖车绳own us that concrete solutions for the energy transition are already available, observed K ckler. Technology is the key to the energy transition, and that technology is on display right here in Hannover.

能源厅 的关注重点是能源系统的转换。未来可再生能源形式的应用增长,分散的能源供应系统以及智能配电系统分别提上重要议事日程。参展商为正在进行的能源过渡提出了技术和解决方案,以及展示了适合未来能源系统的租赁公司。一个突出的例子是,SAG公司的一款产品 今年的HERMES奖得主 能够逐步将现有的配电络转化为智能电。创新的储能技术是展会的另一个核心主题。这些系统用于存储非即时需要的能量,而是在需求高峰时使用。 参展商向我们表明,能源转型的具体解决方案已经上市, K ckler观察道。 技术是能源过渡的关键,而这些技术在汉诺威的展示恰逢其时。

The keynote theme of Integrated Industry NEXT STEPS also featured prominently throughout Industrial Subcontracting the trade fair dedicated to this all-important sector of industry. Component suppliers will be essential partners in the creation of Industry 4.0 and energy废铝 technologies, and smart factories will need smart components, sourced from innovative suppliers like the ones exhibiting their ideas here in Hannover. As champions of integration, component-makers have already taken great strides towards the fourth industrial revolution, said K ckler.

融合的工业 下一步 的展会主题也是整个工业分包的显著特色 展会专注于这个非常重要的工业领域。 零部件供应商将是创造工业4.0和能源技术的重要伙伴,而智能工厂需要智能组件,以及来自在汉诺威展示其创意的创新供应商的采购。由于融合的优势,组件制造商已经在朝着第四次工业革命的道路上取得重大进展, K ckler说道。

Even as early as the Opening Ceremony on the eve of the event, it was clear the Netherlands was going to be a highly confident and congenial Partner Country. Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte admitted that the Netherlands is not automatically associated with advanced technology in people s minds, but argued this was actually a misconception. If you drive a car with a high-tech automatic transmission system, there is a 75% chance it comes from the Netherlands, he stated. Dr. Jochen K ckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe, agreed: Through its presence at HANNOVER MESSE, the Netherlands has shown the world it will be a key player in our industrial future, with a unique mix of competence, intelligent solutions and a substantial measure of charm. HANNOVER MESSE also enabled Dutch representatives from the industrial and political spheres to make广告灯箱 new contacts and build on existing relationships. 250 companies from the Netherlands exhibited at HANNOVER MESSE 2014, setting a new record for Partner Country participation.

甚至早在展会前夕的开幕式上,荷兰就清楚地展现了其作为伙伴国家的高度自信和融洽。荷兰首相马克 鲁特坦言, 在人们的心目中,荷兰与先进技术不会自动关联 ,但他认为这实际上是一种误解。 如果你驾驶一辆带有高科技自动变速系统的轿车,该系统有75 %的可能来自于荷兰, 他说。汉诺威展览公司董事局成员Jochen K ckler博士对此表示同意: 通过参与汉诺威工业博览会,荷兰已经向全世界证明其将是我们工业未来的一个重要国家,有其独特的综合能力,智能化的解决方案,以及相当大的魅力。 汉诺威工业博览会也使荷兰的工业和政治领域代表团,在加强现有关系的同时,建立新的联系。250家荷兰企业参加了2014年汉诺威工业博览会,创造了合作伙伴国参与的新纪录。

The next HANNOVER MESSE will be staged from April 13 to 17, 2015.